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(English) Information about our Food Banks

Aktualisiert: 13. Dez. 2022

  • Food Banks are social shops that collect and give away food.

  • Food Banks operate independently of the State and any State institutions.

  • The people who work in the Food Banks are volunteers and are unpaid.

  • There are set rules for shopping in our Food Banks.

  • Our food is donated by bakeries, shop owners and producers.

  • We can only distribute as much food as we are given.

  • Some days we have a lot of food, some days only a little.

  • We only have good quality food in our Food Banks. The minimum shelf-life date can have expired.

  • For shopping in our stores, you can apply for a customer card from the responsible authorities, which is only issued to people in need.

  • The food is only given to people in need with such a customer card.

  • The food is distributed fairly among our clients.

  • Big families receive more food than small families.

  • We make no differences between countries of origin, skin colour orreligion.

It is your free decision to make use of the services we offer!

  • We provide information about advice centres and other social serviceorganisations.

Please ask us if you have any further questions.Tafel Marktheidenfeld e.V.

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